Wine Tasting Course Turns Enthusiasts into Professionals

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Wine enthusiasts can excel in their skills at CorVino and pursue careers in a competitive market, guided by wine experts that will guide them through WSET Level 1, 2 and WSET Level 3. The skills obtained from the wine tasting course will serve them for personal use, as well as professional involvement in the industry.

CorVino has been building its impeccable reputation for 18 years. Founded by passionate wine enthusiasts, this school provides three levels of a quality wine tasting course; WSET Level 1, WSET Level 2 and WSET Level 3. The first level is created for beginners willing to learn how to explore wines through smell, taste and sight. They learn basic techniques that help them do food pairings and form a solid foundation for future lessons.

WSET Level 2 is a wine tasting course that helps attendees develop advanced skills and learn more about the beverage. It expands on the lessons and techniques learned at the first level and prepares attendees for the highest level of WSET.

WSET Level 3 is created for experienced wine enthusiasts aspiring to become professional wine tasters. It includes advanced lessons that prepare attendees for the industry and teaches them how to expert their skills and grow confidence in food pairings.

After each level of WSET, attendees receive special certificates that serve as excellent references for future career building. Educators are proud to contribute to the success of several well-known wine experts in Hong Kong and they look forward to new generations of students ready to explore and become a part of the world of wines.