Make Your Consumption Voucher Worth More

1 min read

The second batch of the Hong Kong Government’s consumption voucher was disbursed on 7 August. To amplify the benefits, a great spending plan is required. Today I’m sharing my secret to not just maximize the benefits, but to make your consumption voucher worth more.

The Chinachem Group is a corporate group that has developed numerous iconic properties in Hong Kong including Nina Mall and Nina Hotel. The group launches a $1.5-million-worth rewards along with the consumption voucher program. Customers can receive a $50 shopping and dining coupon upon same-day spending of over $250 at the eight designated shopping malls. 

Nina Mall also launches exclusive rewards that allows customers to receive TWO $50 shopping and dining coupons and a $50 dining coupon at Nina Hotel upon same-day spending of over $600. An addition benefits regards to the event, EVA racing experience, that is currently held in Nina Mall. If you are interested in the event, visitors can participate in the game upon same-day spending over $200 by using consumption voucher. All of these is equivalent to up to 25% cashback. In other words, the return can be up to $150 addition to the consumption voucher if spent correctly. What a generous offer!

And trust me, it is for sure an easy spending of $600 at the food court of Nina Mall, located in the heart of Tsuen Wan. The food court has over 20 restaurants, covering all sorts of cuisines. Japanese, Taiwanese, American and Italian, fulfilling your stomachs in different ways.