Buying a lab-grown diamond

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Looking to take the pain out of buying a diamond? Here’re a quick suggestion to help you selecting the right lab-grown diamond for your intended use. 

We totally understand how difficult it is for a consumer to juggle all the information when figuring out if something is a good price, especially a diamond. Lab-grown diamonds should be at the top of your list of sparklers because they are not only purer than the stones mined naturally but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition, lab-grown diamonds are traceable and conflict-free. Generally, a lab-grown diamond could be 40-50% less expensive than a mined one due to the supply chain for lab-grown diamonds has become much more efficient.

The most time saving and efficient way to buy a lab-grown diamond is with the help of a lab-grown diamond expert. LAB STAR is a diamond brand integrating diamond production, loose diamond wholesale and retail which has been committed to promoting the application and development of laboratory-grown diamonds (LAB GROWN DIAMOND) in the global jewellery market since its establishment. LAB STAR has the innovative technology to create lab-grown diamonds for the perfect piece of jewellery. Its owned branch is located in Hong Kong’s energetic retail heart – Causeway bay. Consumers are recommended to make an appointment to come to the store in advance. Its professional staff will provide you with consultation to all your questions about lab-grown diamonds. Before purchasing your next diamond, consider LAB STAR in Hong Kong!