Three Phases in Basketball Shooting

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Start teaching your child the basic fundamentals of shooting. Shooting is the most difficult part of the game for any player to master, as it requires both quick reflexes and accuracy. A typical basketball course at Hoop Dreams consists of three phases: Basic shooting; Free-throws; and Practice shooting.

The first two phases of a basketball course at Hoop Dreams are usually taught by a coach, while practice shooting is done individually or in groups. This phase involves the players practicing their shooting techniques on a basketball court or a gymnasium. Players may use a basketball, a ball, or even a tennis racket or bat. It is important that children learn the correct form and technique of shooting, as improper shooting techniques can cause injuries.

The basic shooting phase involves the player being taught how to hold the basketball properly with his/her right hand. It also involves teaching the player how to aim the basketball towards the basket, and how to throw the ball into the basket.

Moving on to the second phase: free throws. Players are taught to shoot from the free-throw line (which is 22 feet from the rim), and from various distances and angles. The distance between the free-throw line and the basket is called the free-throw arc, and the angle from which the player shoots is called the shooting angle. Players can practice shooting with a variety of basketballs, including regulation size basketballs, smaller sized basketballs, and tennis balls.