Mental Health Service Teaches Youth in Hong Kong How to Cope with Stress

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Empowering youth with Mental Health Service has strong effects that positively impact the lives of young people and society in general. In the past, there were not enough programs that educated students about mental health risks and issues or provided an Alcohol Abuse Support HK. Since 1991, a non-profit organization KELY Support Group decided to change that. A team of professionals united their forces with a vision to help young generations in various aspects related to mental health and substance abuse.

Understanding their emotions and coping with stress tend to be problems for young people. A Mental Health Service helps them learn how to deal with stressful situations progressively. Young minds are complex; they need professional assistance for healthy growth and that is what KELY Support Group focuses on – helping youth understand, accept, and manage their personalities, relationships and lives.

One of the highly-demanded programs at KELY is the Alcohol Abuse Support HK. Considering that the organization mainly educates people between the ages of 14 and 24, the programs related to alcohol misuse consist of preventative and educational practices that teach young people why is alcohol harmful, how to resist the influence of their peers, and how to have a good time without drugs and alcohol.

The Mental Health Service is available to educational institutions and other communities that understand the importance of Alcohol Abuse Support HK and other programs that KELY provides. The team is open to all types of collaborations. Potential partners can contact KELY Support Group for a consultation and determine all the details of the cooperation.