Business Administration Opportunities for Interns

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Becoming a HKBU overseas intern offers outstanding opportunities for students of business administration that assist talents in becoming business leaders and succeed in a highly competitive industry. Hong Kong Baptist University developed a strong partnership network across the world, enabling students to expand their knowledge and build strong skills of crucial importance for navigation in the business industry.

HKBU’s vision is to help students maximize their potential in business administration in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, Economic and Data Analytics, Human Resources Management, Information Systems and Business Intelligence, Strategic Retail Management and Innovation, and Finance. In order to choose the concentration that suits their interests, HKBU overseas intern programme provides education in all of the mentioned fields at the Entry Year, after which students can obtain knowledge and skills in all the business areas, before selecting one that they will study in depth.

Becoming an HKBU overseas intern offers students theoretical and practical knowledge. They will not only learn essential and advanced lessons of crucial importance for their future careers, they will also get hands-on work experiences. As a reputable University, HKBU collaborates with prestigious companies, which ensures students gain valuable experience and make important contacts that may serve them when they become independent and qualified graduates of the business administration concentration of their choice.

HKBU internship opportunities can be local or international. Over 60% of BBA students participate in internship programmes during their university life. These experiences are highly valuable because they represent the first real contact with the career they choose and HKBU makes sure they receive the best experience that will teach them valuable practical lessons.

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