Webinar Platform Facilitates Online Training & Recruitment

2 min read

Business people that need a stable Employee Training Scheduling Solution with outstanding options that make the online training experience easy and quick, can get the advantage of the highly-convenient platform UC. Now. Coronavirus pandemic has forced people all around the world to work from home more than ever before. In the beginning, the new situation caught many companies unprepared, unable to complete simple tasks. Such occurrence affected businesses negatively so they needed to find new ways to do old things. Using a Webinar Platform for online communication made everything significantly easier. Finally, companies were able to start recovering and bringing their firms back to normal.

An Employee Training Scheduling Solution that gained incredible popularity in recent years is UC. Now. It is a Webinar Platform that people use as a stable workplace with great functions. Recruitment companies found many solutions in this software that they needed even before the required social distancing. It was extremely difficult to find a website that allows users to meet online, share files, and schedule interviews; all in one place. With the introduction of UC. Now, internet meetings became easier and more enjoyable.

The Employee Training Scheduling solution allows trainers to organize multiple training sessions without having to use several programs. Users can manually create classes and use the pre-built workflow “Consolidated + Automated“. With only a few clicks, administrators can create classes for small and large groups of people. They can set up content, and upload materials that all participants can read. Such an organized workplace increases the productivity of the team so more and more prestigious institutions are partnering with U.C Now and using this Webinar Platform as the main software for online communication.