The Needs of Different Communities in Hong Kong

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U.C. NOW continually proves its quality and justifies the loyalty of its clients that rely on this virtual career fair platform regularly. One of the use cases that explains the power of UC. NOW is the collaboration with Co-op@ CUHK which used to operate as an online job board for internships but the quality of the communication was not satisfactory because of the errors and difficulties that ultimately forced users to do manual coordination, which caused many difficulties and slow management. To enhance productivity, Co-op@ CUHK partnered with UC. NOW and started utilizing Digital Expo’s JobCentre™ and the efficiency of the portal rapidly improved!

This virtual info day platform provided several functions of great use, such as the requisite CV preparation, vacancy search, and online job application. UC. NOW’s JobCentre™ provides a real-time review of candidates’ progress, as well as automated interview scheduling and even a premium built-in video chat software! The virtual career fair platform is known for its innovative features, such as the pre-start reminders that ensure candidates attend online meetings on time and stay engaged.

U.C. NOW built an amazing reputation in Hong Kong as a prosperous virtual info day platform. The founders are client-oriented and all the ideas and upgrades of the virtual career fair platform are well-thought and integrated in a way to satisfy its users and ensure the highest quality of online communication.

Flexibility is one of the top features of this virtual info day platform, which makes it suitable for a wide range of groups with different requirements and goals. Thus, UC. NOW is collaborating with educational institutions, recruitment companies, corporations, as well as numerous communities that understand the importance of virtual communication and they opted for one of the leading platforms in Hong Kong that can meet all their needs.