Good Investment Options – Cayman Fund and BVI Offshore Company Set Up

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I am sure you’ve heard of the term ‘Cayman Fund’. The Cayman Islands is the leading offshore jurisdiction for fund establishment. The Islands’ innovative legislation and absence of taxation are what make Cayman Fund stands out. Let’s look at the Cayman Mutal Fund option. You have to submit to Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) a copy of the fund offering document, which describes the equity interests to all investors. You also have to appoint an auditor to submit annual audit and file accounts. Speaking of, the HK company CityLinkers is perfect for you. They are very experienced in working with CIMA approved auditors and always perform excellent Cayman Fund audit work. The fund offering document and annual audit aside, you have to pay the prescribed annual registration fee.

Setting up a BVI Offshore Company is another good investment. First and foremost, the taxation is either absent or at a very low level. Wave goodbye to income tax, corporation tax, wealthy tax, capital gains tax, and many more. Second, confidentiality is maintained. The public does not know who the directors and shareholders of your BVI Offshore Company are. Third, you provide neither audits nor tax reports. Fourth, setting up an Offshore Company on BVI is not as expensive as it would in popular jurisdictions like Bermuda and Cayman.