Going digital with ease

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Companies, organizations, and educational institutions these days are all going digital. An employee training scheduling solution, for example, is very popular. An employee training scheduling solution is well-loved because it makes scheduling and management much simpler and quicker to handle. You see, many things can be done by automation and busy managers no longer have to spend hours and hours checking off boxes on some Excel spreadsheets. Be it setting goals, creating training plans, or reviewing employees’ learning progress, having an employee training scheduling solution makes managers’ lives so much easier. An employee training scheduling solution benefits employees as well. They can stay on top of important training sessions, and go back to assignments and quizzes whenever needed.

How about we take a step back and talk about talent matching and online recruitment? UC. Now is an excellent HK digital expo platform that is worth mentioning. The UC. Now digital expo platform serves to bring employers and job seekers in HK together and make recruitment as easy and effective as possible. It provides enticing features for employers such as pre-built venue templates and automated attendee invitations. Moreover, the exhibitor and visitor dashboards and self-service enrolment workflow facilitate management very well. As for job seekers in HK, the digital expo platform enables them to create profiles, upload CVs, and select vacant job positions with ease.