SHARP Photocopier is Becoming the “Must Have” Office Device

2 min read

SHARP Corporation launched a multi-functional photocopier that is quickly growing in popularity over the world. Some of the features that make the SHARP printer a device that every office should have are primarily the high printing resolution and speed. However, this product has more to offer.

The SHARP photocopier is not a simple tool that serves only one purpose. On the contrary, owners can use this printer for various significant tasks in the office. Namely, apart from printing papers in A4 format, the SHARP printer also supports the large paper printing. Thus, users can print banners on this device! Office workers typically use banners for business promotion and other activities that aim to draw the attention of the public. With this device, they can print any material they need.

To make the new printer user-friendly, SHARP introduced a smart touch screen display. The navigation menu is simple and precise. Therefore, even users without any tech knowledge can use this photocopier easily.

In Hong Kong, S.A.S Electric is the official distributor of SHARP products. Customers in this region can order the printer by contacting the S.A.S Electric team. Apart from delivering the new printing device, clients can request IT Service at S.A.S Electric. This team of experts offers network setup, computer setup, data backup, business software, antivirus installation, and other IT services.

Having a reliable IT partner is extremely important for any office. Companies in Hong Kong can establish a partnership with S.A.S Electric that will include the distribution of the newest SHARP office products, followed by IT support any time of the year.