Endovascular Treatment for Critical Health Disorders Helps Patients in Hong Kong

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Esteem Surgical Clinic offers endovascular treatment of the highest medical standards. In Hong Kong, patients can treat critical vascular problems at this prestigious medical centre with a wide range of services. The entire procedure which includes preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular diseases is covered by specialists at Esteem Surgical Clinic which use advanced equipment for high performance and efficiency.

Endovascular treatment is a minimally invasive procedure; it treats several diseases, including peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is the most frequent vascular problem, appearing typically in the aorta, leg, or carotid. Patients with PAD are at high risk of developing cerebrovascular and coronary artery disease, which could lead to a stroke or a heart attack if it is not treated on time.

Some of the symptoms of PAD include leg muscle pain, loss of mobility, and discomfort, among others. Patients are advised to contact Esteem Surgical Clinic as soon as they notice some of the mentioned symptoms; the longer they ignore those disturbances, the worse consequences could be.

Endovascular treatment primarily focuses on removing a critical blood clot. At Esteem Surgical Clinic, the methodologies are highly efficient and the results are overwhelmingly positive. With adequate treatments, patients not only remove life-threatening risks but also improve the quality of their lives. Post-treatment, professional staff instructs patients on beneficial habits and lifestyles, which additionally reduces the risk of PAD or other vascular diseases reappearing. Of course, regular checkups are highly recommended and Esteem Surgical Clinic is available for any additional advice and instructions after the endovascular treatment.

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