Blog Post Ideas

1 min read

I feel you – it is difficult to come up with creative ideas when you’re stuck. So, let me share with you where and how I find blog post ideas. First, Google it. Put ‘blog ideas’ in the query box and receive a thousand different creative blog post ideas in no time. Second, check out social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to see the latest news and what’s trending. To give an illustration, colorful plastic rings are now trending thanks to Tik Tok. It is thus wise to write a blog article about it, preferably a DIY tutorial on how to make a bunch of them at home.

Third, repurpose old content. Check to see if there’s any news update you should make. You can also present the old content in a different format, for example, from a FAQ post to a pillar post, to change things up. Fourth, visit popular blogs out there and see if they give you any inspiration. Let’s say you write food-related blog posts. By visiting Downshiftology, you would realize that it is fun to merge the two topics ‘travel’ and ‘food’ and be inspired to write a blog post about ‘Top 5 Fast and Easy Paleo Cafes in New York’. Hope you find this article helpful and good luck writing your new blog post!